Philosophy of Animal Rights

I’ve found it difficult to find unbiased writings on the philosophy of animal rights, ethics, and morals. Much of what I find is written or sponsored by animal rights organizations. Not that I don’t agree with them but it gives many people reason to dismiss what they are saying because they are ‘idealists’ or because the term ‘animal activist’ puts their defenses up.

So I was very excited to find this report from the internet encyclopedia of philosophy. It’s long but it’s worth the read and the author takes an unbiased look at the different types of theories of animal views. I’m going to have to read it again since it had such a wealth of information but definitely worth the read!

Joe Oliver

Being Called Radical

The debate over the proposed pipeline that would deliver oil straight from the tar sands to supertankers on the BC coast has been dominating headlines for over a year now (click here for a refresher) and although environmentalists (and anyone else that is tired of paying for trusting the oil’s companies constant assurances of safety) when Obama recently rejected the Keystone XL project in the states.

Here in Canada the recent development in this saga is Federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver calling all of those opposed to the pipeline ‘environmentalists’ and ‘radicals’. Demeaning and marginalizing the opposition is a tired tactic that lacks creativity and intelligence. Whether these people are the minority or not (and 80% of the population is definitely not the minority), they are still voting citizens who deserve to be heard and purpose of a democratic government is to lead according to the will of the people.

He also went on to say that listening to the opinions of the public is getting in the way of ‘Canada’s National Interest.’  It was so absurd and shocking that I had to read it twice: Canadian citizens are getting in the way of important government projects.

As Canadians, we take pride in our democratic political system, assuming that we are worlds away from a government that censors the internet and infringes on basic human rights. However it’s a slippery slope and it can happen a lot easier than we think.

I hope that we all recognize the idiocy in Oliver’s intentions and refuse to let our government divide or dismiss us. Whether we all agree or not, our desires are valid and deserve to be addressed.  We all benefit from a transparent government that is held accountable and is governed by the will of the people.

Ironically Oliver’s comments did give hope to some of us ‘radicals’, if Ghandi is correct then we’re getting closer: “First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win.”